Renonce: Faille

Frédéric Nogarède founded Renonce, a solo endeavor, in Montreal in 2021. The Toronto industrial duo Odonis Odonis produced the project's upcoming debut album, Ombre, which will be released in April 2023.

Renonce debut begins with the very impressive, Faille, one of the album's most propulsive and danceable drum and bass arrangements, driven by a captivating, moderately discordant darkwave melodic line. The industrial percussion, voice delay, and distortion all add to the music's turbulent atmosphere, and create an alluring dark number. 

Faille depicts a depressed person with a clouded conscience, 'la tête embrumée,' by drugs or alcohol or the current North American society, unable to regain appropriate balance.

Ultra heavy synthesizers and chaotic guitars drenched in distortion are supported by industrial drum machine sequences, and the outcome is pretty unmissable.

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