RAÜM: Cursed by the Crown

Nearly one year ago, we introduced Belgium's RAÜM with their live session take of their ten-minute epic, Cursed by the Crown, which showed the band's genuine potential and their exciting fresh presence in the heavy underground scene.

The song is now properly recorded and put together, and released as the band's debut offering. If the live version of it was impressive, the studio take definitely raises the band's brutality, darkness and distinctive heaviness to another level. A superb fusion of doom, sludge, stoner metal, and post metal elements manifests.

RAÜM explain: "Cursed by the Crown expresses the fact that our fate is not in our hands, driven in an eternal movement. We are condemned to disappear since the day of our creation. Nevertheless, out of chaos can emerge the hope of a rebirth in a perpetual cycle of night and light."

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