Parisian post rock act, KWOON, returns with a new single. The project's first song to be revealed to the public in 2023 is BLACKSTAR, an atmospheric track with no drums, summoning up complete airiness.

The song is divided into two distinct sections. The first is rather ambient and creates an enticing atmosphere, representing the song's darker side. The second part then ushers in the light and the elation which is signaled by the arrival of strings.

BLACKSTAR is accompanied by a new animated video, a captivating visual adventure directed by Patrick Atkins. It definitely complements the music's intrigue in an accurate way.

Regarding the song's announcement, KWOON write: "1st February 2023 marks Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)'s closest approach to Earth, when it comes within about 0.28 AU— that's 26 million miles (42 million km) — of our home planet. This is the week you can expect the comet to be at its brightest, zipping along at a pace that covers some 6° of the sky at a time! That s why 1st February is also the day KWOON chose to release new track and new videoclip BLACKSTAR."

Odyssey, the upcoming album by KWOON, is expected out in 2023.

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