Black Yen: Cobalt Dreams

Formed in 2017, Austrian experimental extreme metal act, Black Yen, is the project helmed by Sebastian Lackner, created with the aim to produce music influenced by different directions and genres. Following the 2021 full length, SATORI, Black Yen return with new material as part of their split EP with Austrian post black metal band, ♄​♄​♄​♄​♄.

The bands each recorded three songs to be included on their collaborative process without any coordination.

Cobalt Dreams, an eight-minute journey which moves through passages of post metal, atmospheric black metal, and offbeat psychedelia in a very original and unpredictable way, is a prime example of Black Yen's restless approach.

The songs were recorded by the bands and fellow musician Karl Steinpatz (Noise Transmission). Julian Jauk (Ultima Radio, Tonstudio Grelle Musik) mixed the music, and Bernd Heinrauch handled the mastering. The album is released on tape via grazil Records.

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