Kraków Loves Adana: Love Love Love

Love Love Love is the newest focus track from the just released Oceanflower, the seventh album by Hamburg-based Kraków Loves Adana. The song presents a bit of a janglier side of Deniz Çiçek's songwriting and comes together with a fine looking accompanying video.

Çiçek comments on the track: "Love Love Love reflects the universal longing for interpersonal interaction and love in times of isolation and crisis. It is always said that one must first love oneself in order to find or even deserve true love. I totally disagree with this principle. Especially in times of personal crisis, the support of others is all the more important."

Love Love Love is a rather simple, clear and straightforward song, part of another excellent album from Kraków Loves Adana, which continues their amazing run in a consistently authentic and captivating way.

Artist photo courtesy of Kraków Loves Adana

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