HIGH.: Bomber

Instead of moving to a more advantageous location, promising shoegazers High. stayed in their hometown of New Jersey, an area that is regularly misconstrued. "There is a growing community of our peers who are young and struggling in the suburbs, facing similar problems as we do as the black sheep in our environments," the band comment. "We are using our art and words as a platform to reach them, to let people feel they are not alone."

Showing their sonic evolution, High's fourth single, Bomber, is set to appear on their debut EP, which will be out through Julia's War Records, a label helmed by They Are Gutting A Body of Water, as well as Philadelphia's Suburban Creep Records. Mastered by Corey Coffman of Gleemer, Bomber was recorded at Strange Weather in Brooklyn, where DIIV, Uniform and The War On Drugs have recorded.

Bomber appears to be the most delicate song High. have put out so far. It has a noticeably more toned down approach, and the wholehearted vocal is faultlessly paired with the melodic guitar lines and the rest of the band's lush instrumentals, all of which culminate in an emotional conclusion.

Band photo by Luke Ivanovich

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