Frankie Rose: Sixteen Ways

The second single from Frankie Rose's upcoming album, Love As Projection, is the rather vibrant, Sixteen Ways. The tuneful synthpop melody of the song is enhanced by the mesmerizing vocals, and an all around glittering production which makes everything shine and stand out.

The music video which comes with the song was choreographed by Neil Schwartz, stars dancers Dainique Jones, Misato Obana, Youlmae Kim and Shion Uesaka, and was directed by Scott Kiernan.

The new track's energy further supports the unique course which Frankie Rose intends to take with the new full length, using an art pop palette to produce something more approachable, and frequently danceable.

Love As Projection will be released on March 10th, 2023, by Night School and Slumberland Records.

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