Good Cop: (Show Your Teeth) Bite Back

With their latest release, We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get to It, a split EP with sludge metal band People Look Like Dogs, extreme anarchist noise act, Good Cop, from Hertfordshire, UK, bring what they describe as "gay anarcho-screamy shit" to full fruition.

The band is absolutely ruthless on the four-track EP's opening track, (Show Your Teeth) Bite Back a wicked hardcore outcry against the catastrophic features of capitalism, presenting a massive sound steeped in brutality, harshness and dark lyricism, and giving way to the equally frenzied People Look Like Dogs, who proceed to destroy with their own brand of heaviness.

Ten minutes of pure drastic mayhem, We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get to It, is a release which simply doesn't scale back.

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