GHOST COP: A Shot in the Dark

GHOST COP is the project of Sean Dack and Lucy Swope from New York City. Following the 2020 album, End Credits, and the single You Can Never Go Home from 2021, GHOST COP return with a new standalone offering, the vibrant and all around captivating, A Shot in the Dark.

The duo's post punk and darkwave influences are perfectly summed up in the new song, a compelling track on many counts. A rather spotless production and extremely well detailed instrumentals which keep the listener engaged throughout heighten the vibrancy in the band's execution.

GHOST COP explain the meaning behind the song: "The song describes a feeling of being stuck in a pattern, when a cycle becomes so familiar, it seems like predestiny. The precognition that is created when you can see the end even before you’ve begun."

The amazing video for A Shot in the Dark, which was created by GHOST COP, superbly complements the song's dark and cold mood.

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