dweller.: Night Theater

dweller. is a Brooklyn-based band founded by longtime local scene members, drummer Greg Rocco and guitarist Kevin Ultsh. After tracking instrumentals with Billy Mannino (Oso Oso, All Get Out, A Will Away), tragedy struck when bassist and friend Bryan died, obligating the band to take bring the project to a halt. Their songs were given a fresh life after they were discovered by vocalist Juan Aguilar in March 2021.

Kevin Ultsh explains: “A big part of getting this record done was about closure and honoring our friend. After we met Juan and we began to work together, this material took on new meaning. He had no connection to us before joining the band and never met Bryan, but we found common ground through our shared experiences.

Night Theater is the enchanting first single and opener from the band's upcoming EP, All The Things We Carry. The song is inspired by personal experiences with sleep paralysis and is highly sentimental and splendidly produced, with the band in a very expressive mode in terms of execution and lyrical approach.

The song is accompanied by a video directed, shot, and edited by vocalist Juan Aguilar. It is a poignant instructional film which blends archival documentaries, sleep research, and scenes of the band performing.

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