Eydís Evensen: Tephra Horizon

Icelandic pianist and composer Eydís Evensen, a rising figure in contemporary neoclassical music, will release her eagerly awaited second album, The Light, on May 26th, 2023 through XXIM Records.

The Light broadens the artist's breadth of skills by showcasing her as more than a pianist, arranger, and lyricist, and finding her for the first time singing. It follows the credible 2021 debut, Bylur, and the follow-up 2022 EP, Frost.

Throughout Tephra Horizon, Evensen's evocative and assured piano soars, providing a solid foundation for the strings and the rest of the rich instrumentation to grow.

According to Evensen, The Light has two main themes; being a form of expression of a sense of hope and better days ahead after adversity, as well as a profound representation on the landscapes of Iceland and how they have influenced her personality.

Tephra Horizon pairs to a fantastic video of captivating visuals, directed by Einar Egils.

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