Collapsing Scenery: The Right To Life

The Right to Life is the second single and video off the anticipated next album by Collapsing Scenery, A Desert Called Peace. Written and recorded during a turbulent time period, the album expresses both personal and universal upheavals, and comes really strong on the lyrical front.

The Right to Life is a sharp song with forceful lyrics and a tuneful melody, lingering between new wave and indie psychedelia.

Collapsing Scenery member, Reggie Debris, says of the new single: “The Right to Life was written after a couple years of observing various unhinged responses to the pandemic and its societal impact, in particular an essay by RR Reno which contemptuously accused the liberal left of being consumed by a pathetic, Godless fear of death, manifested in support for lockdowns, social distancing and masks. This argument (screed, really) was all the more head-spinning coming from a conservative Catholic, who otherwise drones on endlessly about fostering a ‘culture of life’.

To quote another Catholic, the great GK Chesterton, ‘When a man believes that any stick will do, he at once picks up a boomerang’.

The lyric attempts to address the various, obvious hypocrisies of the ‘culture of life’ crowd, and the ways in which its critique of our supposedly atomized, alienated, secular culture was undercut by its radical, nihilistic individualism when asked to make some concrete sacrifices for the common good.

A Desert Called Peace will be released on Metropolitan Indian on March 10th, 2023.

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