Stricken For Catherine: Tick

Joseph Grillo (aka Sid Jagger), a native of Worcester, Massachusetts, got his start in Stricken For Catherine before being involved in Garrison, Her Head's on Fire, I Hate Our Freedom, and Gay for Johnny Depp. The group formed in 1994 on the seacoast of New Hampshire, which is primarily known for its hippie jam bands. 

Stricken For Catherine created a distinctive post hardcore and emo fusion with elements from post rock and heavy grunge, which stood out for its peculiar time signatures and guitar work, edgy vocals, and especially long songs. 

On The Dark, the band's 1996 debut album, featured five songs with even more varied and imaginative compositions. Afterward, Stricken For Catherine relocated to the nearby city of Boston where they kept working on their sound, and developed a following while sharing the stage with nationally touring acts like Thurston Moore, Hot Water Music, Shipping News, and Grade as well as regionally emerging underground bands such as Cave In, Piebald, and Bane.

Undiscovered and out of print for a very long time, On The Dark, has been remixed by Ethan Dussault (Cave In, Caspian, On the Might of Princes) remastered, and reissued on vinyl for the first time ever, and it's expected out through Ashtray Monument.

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