Outrun the Sunlight: Quark 2.0

Outrun the Sunlight, the acclaimed Chicago-based post rock band, has released one more song from their forthcoming album, The Return of Inertia 2.0, which is a fresh rendition of their own 2011 original work. Quark has all the markings of the band's most accessible composition, while being an expansive post rocker, which is a deeply ingrained musical form for the group.

Quark 2.0 draws heavily from djent and metal from the 2010s, and cites inspiration from bands like early The Contortionist, Animals As Leaders, and Chimp Spanner. It's an immensely robust track which builds gradually to an exciting conclusion, while the band's initial beginnings are definitely recognized in the song's general approach.

The Return of Inertia 2.0 will be out in its entirety on February 17th, 2023.

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