Memoria: From The Bones of The Dead

From The Bones of The Dead is the newest single and nearly the title track off the second album by Swedish darkwave artist Tess de la Cour's Memoria project.  The impending full length, From The Bones, is expected out through Novoton.

From the Bones of the Dead takes cues from the story of Gretel and Hansel, especially the 2020 film rendition by the Oz Perkins. The movie's overall appeal, its cinematography, music and general aesthetic, left Tess bewildered and inspired her to write the new track. The title refers to the witch's alluring call, which led Hansel to his death. It revolves around themes of black magic and darkness luring one into evil ways.

Memoria's dark tone is at its most energetic and grimmer side, while the darkwave and post punk components are still observable.

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