Loose Ends: Truths of this World

Truths of this World is the second single pulled from the forthcoming debut album by Danish post punk band Loose Ends, following on from the recent, By the Leash.

The song builds on the themes of the EP Yearning for Something Else from 2022; it still deals with desperation and anger over one's own deficiencies, but the new single brings the somber insight that the issue is deeply ingrained in one's own nature.

The theme of Truths of this World, and the rest of the upcoming album is a more stark self-criticism. It allows access to a psyche which is riddled with faulty reasoning and humble melancholy.

Singer Holger Møller Dybro explains: "The song is about explaining away my abilities as pure luck, because I couldn’t possibly be in any way special. I have a hard time taking compliments and believing that I'm any good. This also happens to be the basis for most of the album; that it’s really all my own fault.

While the lead singer and a ferocious men's choir pour their hearts out, the two guitarists stand out in a distinct environment of emo rock bliss, making the new single an intense guitar-driven noise rocker with post hardcore and screamo undertones.

Truths of this World is out on FIVE FOOT ONE Records.

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