D//E Premiere: Loose Ends: By the Leash

The new single from Danish underground rockers, Loose Ends, is a post punk/noise rock dynamite, and a spit in the eye of the city officials who dismantled a thriving creative community by defunding its hub, DIY venue TAPE, in early 2021. By the Leash is also the lead single from the band's upcoming debut album, due in early 2023 from FIVE FOOT ONE Records.

TAPE was far more than a music venue to many people in Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city. A powerful creative community grew up around it, and many of today's successful Danish acts were founded within the centrally located space. One of these bands is the rising quintet Loose Ends, whose new single, By the Leash, is representative of the raw energy and intensity which has also been a key ingredient of their presence as a fresh, young act.

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling angry and really sad. And that’s when the lyrics came to me. But it isn’t just a call to arms or a song of lament – it’s a tribute to something unique, and it makes several references to other bands out of TAPE – bands like Urban Achievers and Bed Bugs," says frontman Holger. "There was such a spirit to the place, that even though they shut us down the fire from TAPE still burns bright, and the community is finding new places to play.

Rough, drastic and insistent, By the Leash is a statement and a work of promising and exciting art.

Band photo courtesy of Five Foot One Records.

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