Laveda: Clean

Laveda, the steadily developing dreampop duo from New York City, have released an elegant and dark-bent new single. Clean is part of the band's anticipated second album, A Place You Grew Up In.

Laveda try their hand at the darker side of dreampop, and the mesmerizing result certainly succeeds. Solemn melodies remain viable and create a gloomy, yet tuneful environment which serves as the song's base.

The song is a forlorn perception on the obstacles, challenges and harsh realities that come with aging. Regarding Clean, vocalist Ali Genevich confesses: “I think for the first time I truly realised that growing up was an inevitable fate. It’s such a strange thing, knowing you’re only to grow further and further from innocence as life goes on. I never wanted to think about getting older as a kid, I wanted to stay eight years old forever. I think there’s a part of that feeling that will always stay with me.” 

Laveda are honing their ability to write songs which grow into contemplations, and are both poignant and uniformly familiar.

Photo by Andrew Hallenberg

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