Foam and Sand: Circle 35 (f/ Stewart Cole)

As Foam and Sand, Robot Koch continues his evolving and perpetually interesting series of Circles, with new track, Circle 35, a contemporary jazz-inspired number of incredible warmth and earthiness, featuring trumpeter Stewart Cole whose performance recalls contemporary greats like Joseph Shabason and Jon Hassell.

With his focus in the "beautiful imperfections" of loops and his double fixations with the crossing points between science and spirituality as well as music and consciousness, Foam and Sand's Nettwerk debut finds the artist taking new artistic directions, with a more minimal path that seems quite transformative.

It doesn’t take a long time to make music as Form and Sand,” he explains. “It just comes together more quickly because of the nature of the music itself. I try not to overproduce and let the process emerge more organically.” 
Koch continues to describe the natural creative process: “Music’s very autobiographical, and this music definitely reflects where I am at in my life. The simplification of my process speaks to how I’m not very attached to material things at the moment—even my studio in Los Angeles is stripped down compared to what I used to have in Berlin. My philosophy is that less is more.

The self-titled album by Foam and Sand will be out March 17th, 2023 via Nettwerk.

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