L CON: Plant II

The discography of Lisa Conway aka L CON includes a large number of works which she self-produced, recorded, and independently released under different names, as well as many successful albums which she made with her previous band Del Bel. SOUNDMILL improvisations is Lisa's first entirely instrumental release, despite the fact that she has written several instrumental pieces for commissioned projects.

Taking inspiration from the repetitive rhythmic patterns used during the milling process, L CON mounted SOUNDMILL, a multi-channel sound and light installation, in an old mill ruin in Guelph, Ontario, in the fall of 2021. SOUNDMILL improvisations is audio that was a part of that installation.

Plant II, one of the 16-track album's lengthier and more spatial tracks, demonstrates L CON's expansive musicianship and ability to submerge the listener in an entirely otherworldly, atmospheric realm. It includes a simple, surreal visual made with an analog video synth by Emma Ongman.

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