L CON: Limestone I

Swiss-Canadian composer L CON, aka Lisa Conway, is a songwriter, producer, mix engineer, and sound artist who has created music for dancers, performers, and filmmakers. It's become increasingly clear from the artist's solo work how the experimental and exploratory artistic vision of L CON has much to offer on several levels.

In the fall of 2021, L CON mounted SOUNDMILL, a multi-channel sound and light installation, in an abandoned mill ruin in Guelph, Ontario. SOUNDMILL improvisations is audio content that was a part of that placement. 

The ever-changing conceptual soundscape, which was extended through twelve speakers throughout the two rooms of Goldie Mill, the "limestone room" and the "plant room," was inspired by the recurring rhythmic patterns associated with the milling process. It was shaped and altered by both river and light data. The mill was fully equipped with lighting, including a specially made light tangle with LEDs that could be programmed.

Limestone I is a hypnotizing and entrancing track with great melodicism and a consistent flow which is expertly conveyed through the flawless use of brilliant production and enticing instrumentals. L CON's fresh work serves as both a new record, and a wonderful, innovative piece of experiential art. Hydrophone recordings of the river by the mill and the sounds of grain are mixed with stereo cuts of ambient solo synthesiser improvisation. 

The cover art, which includes a limestone print by artist Sophia Bartholomew, pays partial tribute to the limestone walls of the mill.

The upcoming limited edition tape release will be out on January 20th, 2023 through Halocline Trance.

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