Abandoncy / Norse: Split

The usual suspects from Kansas City, Abandoncy, and the punk group Norse from Biella, Italy, collaborate on a rather daunting split release to which each side contributes two songs. The EP is released digitally and on vinyl collaboratively by Kono Dischi (Italy), Longrail Records (Italy), Vina Records (Italy), Shove Records (Italy), New Knee Records (USA), and Tenzenmen Records (Thailand).

Abandoncy's side, through the more hardcore punk-fueled and directly existential punk rock of Machine Organism, and the post hardcore/bordering on post metal robustness of the rather venturous it'sallfunandgamesuntilimakemyselfcry, present the two edges of the band's artistry in great detail. These are songs which exemplify both the attacking punk rock fury of Abandoncy, and the band's sophisticated lyricism.

Contrarily, Norse's side is consistently rough. Both songs, Coplevole and Complice, abound in experimental post punk rage and extreme rawness, especially on the vocal front, while the band's instrumental enormity is inescapable.

Together, Abandoncy and Norse produced something which is far beyond convincing, and a solid, effective collaboration in total. Clearly, the two bands were able to connect through the lyricism and the distinct noisiness of their respective styles.

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