Catalyst: Paragon of Devastation

French death metal band, Catalyst, was founded in 2017 and managed to stand out by advancing the genre's traditional sound to give it a more modern, technical, and progressive twist. The group's sophomore album, A Different Painting For A New World, was released in October 2022 by Non Serviam Records.

The band's most recent album features unrelenting savagery and technical complexion, striking with equal measures of raw energy and instrumental dexterity, while being consistently epic and exciting to follow.

The band's death metal emphasis is perfectly exemplified in Paragon Of Devastation, which features persistent, prog-bent guitar riffage, thrashing drumming, and aggressive vocals.

Catalyst's new material is an astounding construction of technical prowess, driven by a visceral vocal delivery, and an overarching sense of grandness. It also convinces by way of its flawless, exciting production and musical audacity.

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