Vague Lanes: We'll Always Have Never

We'll Always Have Never is a standout track from the debut album by San Francisco Bay Area act Vague Lanes, a fresh post punk duo from the San Francisco Bay Area island city of Alameda.

The band consists of Bay Area music scene veterans Mike Cadoo (Gridlock, Bitcrush) and Badger McInnes (Here We Burn, After the Apex), and arrive with a gothic-bent, darkwave sound founded on a classic post punk canon. 

Foundations and Divergence, the project's first full length is out through Swiss Dark Nights.

Vague Lanes' dark and propulsive sound is especially evident on We'll Always Have Never, which features a driving drum machine, a heavy bass line for which the band cite inspiration from Tool, and an unpredicted time signature which doesn't correlate with the genre very often.

The fact that Vague Lanes are made up of just two bassists is remarkable; furthermore, both members are left-handed, making the distinction even more unusual. The band's moody and driving sound, however, is what truly sets them apart, as is their songwriting prowess.

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