The Underplayed Few // 16 Albums Which Deserved More Recognition in 2022

2022 flew by, and as is often the case, things may have fallen through the cracks, specifically when it comes to discovering new great music.

This is a list of some of those notable albums which went unnoticed. It's worth bearing in mind that these are not entries that bubble under our Albums of the Year list, but rather those that slipped past the radar, and deserve a mention as well as some additional listening time.

The list which follows is not in any particular order. We here include the goth synthpop lavishness of New Yorkers Glove as presented in their new full length, the punk rock grit of Meat Wave who continue to deliver great records at a steady pace, and the hardcore punk vibrancy of Chicago's Wrong War whose album is a true force. Similarly, Philadelphia's Nine of Swords made their presence felt with their new album, BEYOND THE SWORD, which we mentioned briefly and turned out to be quite awesome! Show Me The Body recently released a new album, which is also packed with top-notch hardcore greatness. The new album by thoughtcrimes is also  a superb listen, brimming with incredible energy.

Duster, the slowcore veterans, delivered their fourth album in total and first after the self-titled 2019 record, and it did not fall short. Soft Kill, a post punk staple, have a new album out that is rich of the band's personality, and Cincinatti's The Serfs have arrived with a solid dark record with danceable punk features, building on their solid reputation so far. The nervy post punk of California's SELF IMPROVEMENT is certain to move the listener as well by way of a great, smart and exciting new album.

The rest of it is on the heavier end of the spectrum. UK's Heriot delivered a titan of dark heaviness, and Strigoi's bleak, blackened crust sounds left a lasting impression. TURIAN of Seattle balance heavy noise rock and hardcore with a metallic edge expertly, and their face melting album requires some additional focus. Black metal is also on the rise, with acts like White Ward and Blackbraid carrying the torch with their incredible albums. Chaotic math/post metal band, The Callous Daoboys, have the underground hype on their side, and they justify their worth excellently on their new full length.

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