The Know: Used To Be

LA-based husband and wife duo, The Know, return with the first example of their new material, the follow up to their acclaimed debut EP, wearetheknow. Jennifer Farmer and Daniel Knowles used their time in pandemic isolation creatively, and are gearing up for the release of their sophomore EP.

New single, Used to Be, as well as its accompanying video created and directed by Farmer, are themed on the hardships of romantic relationships, particularly as they were adversely affected by the pandemic.

Knowles comments: “Then of course the pandemic hit, people all around us were having their relationships tested in lockdown with significant others, some relationships came out stronger, some didn’t survive. And on a more universal scale lots of people worldwide were dealing with a loss of normality, loss of connection with other people, suddenly not being able to do simple things like buy groceries, things we’d all taken for granted.” 

Used to Be is another well-crafted illustration of the band's refined dreampop, drenched in dreamlike haziness and beautiful atmospherics, and founded on the duo's instrumental effectiveness and warm vocals.

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