Heaven Slept: Deep Dark

South Georgia band, Heaven Slept, continue their exceptional early path, with the release of a fuller work, their seven-song EP, Swamp. The entire release resolutely profiles the band's sound and creative mission, as it pursues its dark and goth influences all around, and perfectly incorporates them into their shoegaze and post punk character.

Deep Dark, the album's closer, is a superb dark moment with notable instrumentation, which brings the EP to a strong conclusion.

The band explain: "Deep Dark is a song about dealing with anxiety, and the symptoms that come with it. Commonly manifests in catastrophizing- given the personification of anxiety being a 'monster-like entity' in the lyrics. 

"We chose this song as a closer to our EP because we believe it's a really powerful closing track that also follows the shoegaze ethos we carry as a group."

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