Hammock: UnTruth

From Nashville, veteran post rock duo Hammock, have announced their twelfth studio album, Love in the Void, coming out on January 27th, 2023. The quite delicate and melodic UnTruth is the first single which introduces the album.

Consistently connected to meditative ways, and with an overarching sense of nostalgia always present in their sound, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson created the new album with the aim to establish an environment for nostalgic contemplation.

Byrd comments on UnTruth: "This was written right after Andrew received some difficult news regarding his mom’s health. Getting older and watching your parents age is strange. The ‘UnTruth' of unending youth. The passage of time seems almost omnipresent. Am I, are you, are we strong enough to let go and watch the ones we love pass away?"

Rich in existential qualities as much as it appears tuneful and musically serene, UnTruth finds the experienced act sounding content and creative, translating the wisdom of a conscientious artist into something fragile, yet uniformly alluring.

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