Foreseers: Tokyo (A Straightforward Affair)

Post hardcore/emo rockers from California, Foreseers, release their newest album, Haunted California, which was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in Oakland. The new album is a seven-song effort which perfectly sums up the group's heavy and emotive sound.

Foreseers enlist the vicious black metal vocals of Nick Chism (Devoid of Sanity, Eyes of Oracle) for a call and response screaming vocal part for Tokyo (A Straightforward Affair) on their first collaborative offering.

In an album full of generally lengthy cuts, Tokyo is the shortest track, but it is also a rather compelling moment, thanks to the heavy and the moving instrumentals, as well as the vocal forcefulness, and its overarching punk rock disposition.

The first two brutal minutes inevitably lead to an extended sequence which maintains its intensity throughout.

Foreseers are Jason Knight (vocals, bass guitar), Tommy Morehead (vocals, guitar, sax), Ryan Smith (drums, addl. vocals).

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