Deceits: Fate (Is When I'm With You)

LA's dark post punk band, Deceits, return with Fate, a sentimental new wave influenced post punk tune about love and destiny. It's a rather dreamlike and sorrowful piece of music reminiscent of eighties, with the band citing The Cure, The Sound, Sad Lovers & Giants, and For Against as influencing factors.

The concept of the song is about the apprehension of losing the one you love, but finding comfort in knowing that they will remain with you when you think of them.

The track, as a whole, is a heartfelt articulation of the band's more emotional side, as opposed to the colder sounds with which they have earlier surfaced, demonstrating how post punk can be a highly complex and nuanced style foundationally.

The new song is part of the new EP, Fate/Light, which includes two new songs and two demos.

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