Vowws x Chelsea Wolfe: WAIT.

VOWWS and Chelsea Wolfe join forces in an earthy and lowly collaboration which elegiacally reflects on the deathly turmoil of recent times. Wait. is a love song written during the days of the pandemic, and it evokes the distress observing humanity turning against itself.

VOWWS unveil: "This is the most direct, honest song we’ve written. It wasn’t meant to be a VOWWS song originally, it was just an expression of feeling during a difficult time. But it took on a life of its own, especially when we got Chelsea involved - her vocals haunt this track, she took it somewhere we wouldn’t have, and that makes it special to us."

Wait. is a solemn musical and lyrical articulation of existential unease, and a track which brings together two dark underground greats in an inherent and cohesive way.

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