ENOLA: Metal Body

Under the moniker ENOLA, Australian post punk solo artist, Ruby Marshall, delivers a sharp post punk sound with strong lyrics and powerful performances. The project's new single, Metal Body, is a forceful piece themed on declining healthcare systems and the aggravation which comes with them.

The anxiety and frustration engrained in both its musical density and the lyrical become obvious as the song unfolds to become a blistering piece of vibrant post punk. Metal Body is an acute and intimate track which clearly displays the songwriting ability of the up-and-coming  musician.

ENOLA unfolds: “Metal Body explores our failing healthcare systems and entities, my own experiences in witnessing loved ones fall victim to these failures, and in turn feeling my own frustration of bearing witness to such.

On the inspiration behind the new single, ENOLA has to add: “Sonically I leant into 90’s grunge and shoegaze as influences for this track, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Pixies to name a few.

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