TEETH: EyesHornsMouth

The severity in TEETH's sound and artistry is off the charts, and the band's return with their first new track in a long time is unquestionably exciting for the world of heavy metallic hardcore. EyesHornsMouth is brimming with electricity and serves as a perfect showcase for the band's extreme musicianship, lyrical edginess, and overall strength.

EyesHornsMouth is a piece which conveys the feeling of being out of control, getting the point of one's bleakest decisions and restrictions.

TEETH are frontman Blake Prince (Anniversary, Straight Reads The Line), guitarist Chris LeMasters (ex-Dead And Divine, Hundred Suns) and drummer Davis Maxwell (Heavy Hearts, Kawthra). 

EyesHornsMouth comes with a great video directed by Travis Didluck, and it's out through Nuclear Blast Records and New Damage Records.

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