Reaping Flesh: Christ in Disguise

Based in Bodø, Norway, Reaping Flesh is a band formed by members of celebrated extreme acts such as Kollwitz, The Spectacle, and Gabriel. They incorporate elements from black metal, death metal, and other styles, as well as their members' previous hardcore punk and post metal endeavors.

The band recorded and mixed their eponymous album at Beddingen Kulturhus and Reaping Sound in 2021 and 2022, with mastering by Martin Bowitz (Store Studio, Bod), while the band also created the artwork and visuals.

With themes of darkness and death lodged in the music's core, Reaping Flesh bring an extreme metal sound laced with visceral energy and intensity, based on riffs which allude to the finest in old school black metal, harrowing delivery and smart production which reinforces the grittiness and severity communicated the band as a unit. All of these qualities are present in Christ In Disguise which appears as a defining illustration of the lethality of Reaping Flesh.

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