Snailbones: Keelhaul 'em All

Snailbones is a Portland, Oregon-based noise rock band composed of guitarist Timothy Francis, bassist Kelly Minton, and drummer Drew Owens. Formed in 2017 as a result of disheartenment and dullness, the band played shows nonstop until the pandemic struck. They booked five days at Map Room Studios throughout that whole time and self-engineered two albums, the latest of which is Keelhaul 'em All, a grungy, noisy and at the same time melodic rocker which showcases the band's inspiration from nineties grunge, as well as their songwriting fitness.

Keelhaul 'em All is a relatively concise and dense endeavor comprised of nine tracks, the majority of which are good evidence of the band's powerful electricity, and come with a punk rock mindset, while the band isn't afraid to frequently take a quirkier indie approach, always based on sharp guitar riffs, accessible melodies, and rock 'n' roll passion.

Highlights include the resilient opener Mouse Clap and the straightforward Death Face, which show the band coming across as rather robust and rhythmic, while on other instances like Break Apart the Day, they demonstrate a bit more alternative rock variation. Snailbones hit like a loaded punk rock force, with a pretty thick and heavy sound for a trio, and the creative power behind them appears to reflect something far more flourishing than bare dullness.

Tinnitus Alrightus, the band's other 2022 release, is also well worth exploring.

Snailbones recently stopped by the Bridge City Sessions recording studio for a fantastic session which highlights their energy and solid live presence.

The third album will be recorded in Chicago with engineer Steve Albini in March of 2023.

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