D//E Premiere: Rocket Miner: Songs For An October Sky // Full Visual Album

Chicago instrumental post-rock quartet Rocket Miner have recently released the tenth anniversary reissue of their celebrated album, Songs For An October Sky. The record has been remixed by Matt Bayles (ISIS, Mastodon, Holy Fawn), and remastered by Bill Henderson. Ten years later, the album continues its impressive path with a new full length visualizer, created by Amethyst de Wolfe.

Rocket Miner delivered a fantastic album back in 2011, following in the footsteps of the genre's benchmarks in a revered and creative manner, blending mellowness with genuinely heavy outbursts, making it all sound cohesive and pristine, as they invite the listener to an experiential journey, all absorbing, regardless of where that leads. Songs For An October Sky is a classic hidden treasure of the Chicagoan post rock scene, and its worth grows with time.

Rocket Miner's current lineup includes founding guitarists Larry Hryn and Chip Wortel, bassist Eric D'Asto, and drummer Nick Biscardi, who originally produced and engineered Songs For An October Sky

The beautiful visuals filmed, edited and directed by musician and videographer Amethyst de Wolfe, become a perfect companion to both the the music's amplitude and mood, as vivid expressions of an existential living. The picturesque scenes compose a pretty magnificent indie film which, despite the lack of words, becomes totally evocative and immersive solely through sound and imagery.

An album of strong philosophical substance and expert musicianship, Songs For An October Sky prospers and blooms as a work of art progressively and magnificently, much like the actual music which encompasses its grandiosity.

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