Laveda: F***

F*** is the second single from the upcoming album, A Place We Grew Up In, by New York shoegaze/alt rockers, Laveda. With a well realized sound which takes the band's brand of dreampop to more approachable routes, F*** feels like a gleaming nineties track and oozes of sentimentality.

Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Ali Genevich, explains the inspiration behind the song: "By my second year of college, I knew I wanted to write, record, and perform music all the time. I had a heavy load of requirements for my music degree so it felt like school was just this big delay to actually starting the career I envisioned. I used to hold a lot of negative energy in my head whenever I was in class. By my fourth year I was completely checked out. 

"College felt like high school part 2 to me. I thought most people would have grown out of the desire to be in clicks and look up to whoever was popular by age 19, but I realized that some people never do. I watched a few friends go through some toxic relationships. It was a perfect breeding ground for shitty dudes to prey on naive girls. I wished I could make all the bad people disappear so they couldn’t drag down the ones I cared about with them."

A Place We Grew Up In, which features Laveda's full live band, including Dan Carr (bass) and Joe Taruone (drums), alongside their main core of duo Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks (vocals, guitar, synths), was produced by Dylan Herman (Beck, Pynkie) and is planned for release on VT/NY-based label PaperCup Music in Spring 2023.

Photo by Maxwell Brown

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