Forget Cassettes: The Catch

In 2002, Nashville, Tennessee band Forget Cassettes released their debut album, Instruments of Action, fusing sounds from punk, riot grrl, post rock, and guitar-driven alternative rock into an emotive and unfiltered undertaking.

Salt was the band's sophomore album released in 2006. That record developed the early sound of Forget Cassettes into a more polished rendition, with the intensity still being present. Salt was never released on vinyl, but for its 16th anniversary, it's being reissued alongside the B-sides, creating an unified package of an unearthed gem ready to be appreciated by a newer generation.

Album highlight, The Catch, shines with its nonlinear yet easy to grasp structure, spotlighting a band which possesses the ability to control melody with severity and effectiveness, and a vocalist/songwriter whose potency and charisma cannot be overlooked.

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