Cephalectomy: Shroud of Mysticism (2022)

Cephalectomy are an extreme metal act From Nova Scotia, Canada, with their demo releases dating back to 1997. The band have delivered three full length albums thus far, playing a complex and challenging mix of death metal, black metal, metalcore, grindcore and progressive metal, with dark and epic qualities.

Originally written for Cephalectomy's debut demo tape in 1997, Shroud of Mysticism reappeared one year later on their other demo, Dark Waters Rise, and now, for the band's 25th anniversary, the track has been re-recorded, and paired to a fantastic video of dark visuals and occult themes.

Shroud of Mysticism is a composite of old school death metal with intricacy, dark lyricism, and brutal forcefulness, showcasing a band with a good amount of inventiveness and technical prowess which deserves a more prominent reputation among the ranks of extreme metal.

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