virgin orchestra: on your knees

virgin orchestra is an experimental post punk band based in Reykjavik, Iceland, whose members first met as students at the Icelandic University of the Arts' music department. The band's musical output adopts elements from post punk, darkwave, electronica, dreampop and noise, while their members' broad musical backgrounds lead to a distinct style which is reflected in their ensemble; the mixture of live instruments such as guitar, cello, bass, and vocals, as well as programming and other inventive and avant garde soundscapes.  

virgin orchestra's first release, on your knees/give in, is a somber and visceral endeavor which clearly defines the band's experimental flair and diverse take on post punk.

on your knees is an anthem of tragedy. The listener is placed in a situation where prisoners of war are being publicly executed, one after the other,” the band comment. “A deep sense of melancholy urgency is channeled through piercing, melodic guitar lines and relentlessly pounding drums. The vocals and cello carry hopelessness and dread as they go from near-silent whispers into screams, as if calling for help.”

Without much under their belt so far, virgin orchestra emerge with a notably clear artistic vision, and a lot of promise.

Photo by Ásta Jónína

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