Church Girls: I Hate This House

Philadelphia punk rockers, Church Girls, deliver their new single I Hate This House, arriving near the one-year anniversary of the band's 2021 album Still Blooms, their strongest and most impacting work up to this point. The new track was mixed by Dave Schiffman (PUP, Prince Daddy & the Hyena), and produced by John Pfiffner.

Once again, the band provides a memorable and relevant track which is loaded with genuine sentimentality, electricity, and straightforward musicality.

A friend came to stay with me seeking respite from a brutal divorce,” vocalist Mariel Beaumont explains. “We were days away from our recording session, needing lyrics for the instrumental demo we’d worked on as a band. The song is for him, but about the collapse of any relationship where you find yourselves endlessly repeating the same unhealthy patterns. Our producer John Pfiffner really helped shape the melodies for the song and we’re incredibly proud of how it turned out. I sent it to Dave Schiffman on a whim, who I’m a huge fan of, and was thrilled that he was down to mix it.

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