Shouldies: ;)

Graveface Records is exploring some new and familiar ground with NEVERNOTGOTH as a subsidiary to their main platform. Many overlooked darkwave and goth records will be reissued on NNG, but the label also features some fresh faces currently causing a stir in the scene. 

Shouldies from Atlanta is a synthpunk duo composed of Yancey Ballard and John Pierce. Their new album is coming out on November 4th, 2022, and the first offering, ;), is an untraditional and idiosyncratic synthpop song that infuses its ostensibly dance pop foundation with extremely potent lyricism and an overarching sense of genuineness. 

Shouldies are a difficult band to categorize, yet their relatability lies in the band's capacity to convert reality and the daily grind into music that is both refreshing and artistic.

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