Dearly Beloved: All Hat

Eminent Toronto punk/noise rock band, Dearly Beloved have unveiled the new single All Hat from their upcoming album Walker Park, set to be released on Sonic Unyon Records on January 24th, 2023. 

The new track finds the band sounding crisp and nonlinear, following a progressive rock approach which pairs really well with their evolving noise rock.

Dearly Beloved’s Rob Higgins comments that All Hat is “a tribute, of sorts, to the prog masters I grew up with. Rob Wright from NonMeansNo, the Rush guys, Les Claypool of Primus. The best example of pure catharsis on the record.

Higgins also comments on the creative process: “I felt fortunate to have my studio, and used the time to teach myself mix engineering, allowing me to mix this album myself for the first time. Along with learning how to play the drums a little bit better, with the goal of reaching 'shitty drummer' status. So the songs on Warker Park mostly started with simple beats and me overplaying on the bass — an element that at no point in the process got dialed back.

Higgins wrote and recorded the music at home alone in order to deal with the pandemic, with the entire album reflecting on the disarray of the previous couple of years. "Walker Park is the soundtrack to an as-yet-unmade film of the same name," the artist notes in his conclusion. Some turning points in our lives are so profound that the changes they inspire are of the fundamental variety."

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