Saidan: Splatterpunk Gore Machine

Following the underground black metal severity of their recent album Onry II: Her Spirit Eternal, Nashville act Saidan return with new track, Splatterpunk Gore Machine, a frenzied piece which sounds as intense and gory as its title suggests.

"This song is about the 'Gore Machine', an undead, half human, half cyborg hybrid created to bring forth extreme violence and mayhem to the world," the band comment on the song's theme and the inspiration behind it. "Many lyrical themes came from splatterpunk, cyberpunk and body horror films of the late eighties and early nineties. Movies such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Judge Dredd, Tetsuo II: The Body Hammer."

Old school black metal and heavy metal blend perfectly with the track's concept and lyricism, culminating in a piece of genuine, unconventional power density.

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