Hex Cassette: Glimpse of Life

Hex Cassette is the solo project of Denver-based underground musician Zachary Jordan, coming up with a dark synthpop sound and goth aesthetics themed on the natural fears and hopelessness about death. Pomegranate Death is the latest full length by Hex Cassette, and the project's most realized work to date.

Hex Cassette started as Chapelle Ardente in 2016, releasing the album And Sense Its Strength, followed by the EP Total Human Apathy in 2018. After spending some time in Hanoi, Vietnam where he became involved in the local music scene, Jordan returned to his home state in Denver, and blended in with the rapidly growing darkwave scene.

"The happiest song I've ever written, ultimately about disappointment and crushing skepticism of life," the artist comments on Glimpse of Life a propulsive number which overflows with a dark kind of vitality, and exudes a dark kind of vitality and typifies the project's sound and creative direction.

Artist photo courtesy of Hex Cassette 

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