Ronker: Shame

Heavy noise rock, post punk, and shoegaze cross paths in an edgy result in the hands of the up and coming Belgian band Ronker, who have emerged with a distinct sound as evidenced by their first single offerings.
Recorded by Thomas Valkiers at Hightime studio, and mixed by Tim De Gieter of Amenra, Ronker's newest single, Shame, is as energetic, emotional and gutty as it gets, coming with a DIY ethos and exorbitant dynamism.

The self-directed video which comes with the song is the second installment of a quadrilogy that will accompany the band's debut EP. It will be out in early 2023, and narrates the tale of coming to terms with the desire to die. Bassist Bram Delcourt and singer Jasper De Petter are caught in a manhunt in the clip which emphasizes the song's grim message and the band's raw and fervent performance, all happening against the backdrop of Aalst's gritty industrial landscape.

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