HOTMOM: E-Grlz Live Chat

With their incredibly raw and offbeat take on hardcore punk, no wave, and new wave, Austin-based punks HOTMOM are making a return with the release of their new album, ON TV, via Crass Lips Records.

The music feels natural and intuitive, with the band bringing forth a pretty eccentric kind of artistry, and sounding distinctive throughout, just like with their earlier, more condensed releases.

ON TV is made up of direct, wild, and brief songs, most of which lean toward immediate punk and hardcore, while others clearly go down a more experimental and experiential path. Ultimately, the band's organic musicianship and natural style are what tie these songs together coherently.

HOTMOM go for the throat, and implement a pretty shrewd and acidic lyrical tone in their act, as they are being strange by configuration and consistent overall. The band's notable punk rocker E-Grlz Live Chat, which strikes a rather enigmatic balance between their punkier and more exploratory sides, helped pave the way for the album's release.

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