Eosine: Ciarán

Eosine are a fresh dreampop act from Liège, Belgium composed of main songwriter Elena (guitars, vocals, keyboards) together with Julia (guitar, vocals), Brieuc (bass, vocals), and Benjamin (drums). The band will be following their first EP, Obsidian, from 2021, with their impending four-track release mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener of Ride.

The upcoming EP is preceded with the airy new single, Ciarán, and its very creative and captivating accompanying video directed by 'Camera, etc.' 

Eosine's melodies can be more haunted, and merged with adaptable guitars and vocal harmonies, influenced by the gentle atmospheres of bands such as Slowdive and Beach House.

Ciarán is a short and dense song about the ambiguity that persists between elation and disenchantment. The song progresses naturally as it develops to an impressive conclusion, leaving the perception of constant movement in the air.

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