aoihr: September

aoihr(アオイハル、aoiharɯ) is a one-member act from Tokyo, Japan, coming forth with an experimental and deeply atmospheric take on alternative rock, shoegaze and dreampop music. Shunsuke Abe started out the the project in 2017, as a composer, singer, player and videographer, and released the EP, The Spring And Me, a little later followed by a series of standalone singles, the latest of which is the elusive and dreamlike September.

aoihr describes the new track: "Like the last bite of cake, or the last small talk of parting lovers, this song expresses quiet happiness and sadness."

Intuitive vocals and intricate post-effects from a DTM musician distinguish the artistic approach of aoihr, while at the same time the project seems in line with the sound and aesthetic of Asian shoegaze bands, providing the genre with a completely distinct and refreshed take.

Photo by yasudandelion

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