The Darling Fire: Heart Will Stop

The Darling Fire have issued a new single from their recently released second album, Distortions, which has been out through Iodine Recordings. Distortions is an introspective endeavor made up of ten compositions which embody both elegance and anguish in a coherent way.

On Heart Will Stop, the band unfold: "This one is the most upbeat on the album, with a different energy, but the bridge slows things down and brings a twisted element of darkness. Written for someone I care about–just before the apocalypse–I didn’t realize its meaning would morph into a message for myself a short time later. I think everyone goes through difficult times in their lives (the obvious aside) and that’s what Heart Will Stop is about: having the strength to fight through those times, then make it through to the other side. It’s not an easy thing to do by any means, but if you can survive the turmoil of life, taking from it what you can to better yourself, you’ll be stronger and wiser when facing down the next thing that decides to fall in your path."

Produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, Title Fight, Bane) and featuring members of Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, Rocking Horse Winner, and As Friends Rust, the new album by The Darling Fire certainly packs a hefty punch.

Photo by Miranda Nathanson

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